Hi Boss!

(If you are a creative director from an agency then I probably have sent this as a resume. This means you are here to look for something fresh for the sake of advertising. And of course an inimitable writing skills as well. Here goes... In the lines below I try to describe color red to blind person. Maybe it helps your decision about the further interview.)

Dear blind friend, if you are not naturally blind and unfortunately born on an island, and did not see something red, but saw a tropical bird which has color magenta and yellow signs on it before you get blind, then I can just shortly tell: “ As soon as possible mix that two color” because that is %100 red. But, if you are born blind than you will probably give me a hard time by being on an island.

So, lets assume that you born in New York and I try my best to make you feel Red. Deal? Any way.
As an appetizer, I can say that it is the impatient silence before you start to hear the hoot on traffic.
Or, it taste like the chefs special on the nearest Mexican restaurant.
More formally, to a travel lover sophomore who studies history, it taste like strawberries, cherries, tomatoes, ketchup, pomegranate, or cinnamon candy. It's the tartness of cranberry sauce mingled in with that bite of thanksgiving turkey.

On the painful note, red could be the taste of one-shot tabasco in your mouth, or it could feel like a slap in the face.
Red can also feel like a first kiss on a hot date, and the blush in your cheeks- from
either passion or humiliation. It's anxiously picking out what you're going to wear to
go out on that hot date. Red could smell like burning tires of an Enzo, or it may
smell like a nosebleed. It can sound like the crescendo of "The 1812 Overture" or
"Bolero" or happy, jolly, holly Christmas songs playing on the speakers in a busy
department store. Now, close your eyes and try to imagine what infrared looks like for
a bumble bee! Red is little darker than that.

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